'SEEDER' Director/Screenwriter
Sci-fi / Horror (Development)

In a desolate future, where flesh ear implants are mandatory, a disillusioned government shoemaker falls in with a fringe group of outsiders fighting for their humanity.


'Beneath the Tide' Director/Screenwriter
Horror / Drama (Development)

A grieving kelp farmer and his young son are drawn to a tidal island after remnants of an ancient marble statue wash up on the rocks, giving rise to a mysterious decay that threatens the livelihood of their community.

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'Cry of the Hunters' Screenwriter
 Horror / Drama / True Events (Pre-Production)

Amongst the sunburnt meadows of rural Victoria a pig farmer grapples with his wife’s descent into schizophrenia. In a moment of desperation he allows a rogue group of religious fundamentalists to perform an exorcism in order to ‘cleanse’ the woman of her demons, resulting in her violent death.